Height Safety

Pioneer Construction is proud to be an accredited installer of MaxsafeR products, which we recommend to future-proof any new or existing building for residential, body corporate or commercial/industrial sites, including homes, offices, apartments and school buildings.

MaxsafeR innovative products and systems have been developed to provide comprehensive solutions for safer practice when working at heights, including above ground safety products and on-the-job site equipment.

Our most recommended product from the MaxsafeR range is the MS02 Anchor Point, used as either a permanent or temporary safety point. We recommend permanent Anchor Point installation on existing structures, as well as Anchor Point installation for all of our new builds, as it ensures much easier access for future maintenance or upgrades; such as painting a roof, installing a sky dish, or repairing a leaking skylight. Anchor Points are not usually visible from the ground, so as to not obscure your buildings aesthetics.

As a cost comparison, to install an Anchor Point in less than a day, including the hire of a scissor-lift for access, compared to the cost of hiring and installing scaffolding for the duration of each future maintenance project, makes the Anchor Point system one we highly recommend as a cost effective and future-proof asset to your building or residence.

The Anchor Point system can be installed in to existing roof framing, and can be retrofitted on to any structure. We have several types of brackets and systems to choose from, including ladder tie-off points, walkways, enclosed ladders and fall-arrest systems, and we can advise on the right product for your requirements. For more information visit the MaxsafeR website: www.maxsafe.co.nz

All MaxsafeR products and systems comply with OSHA/ANSI and AS/NZS Standards. Systems require a one off costs for installation followed by yearly inspections.