Insurance Repairs

Pioneer Construction has been involved in the rebuild of Christchurch since the beginning of the Canterbury Earthquake sequence and continue to help EQC and other major insurers with completing repairs. We recently rebranded to reflect our expansion from Canterbury-based services, to providing building services throughout the country. It was always our intention to be a long-serving New Zealand building company, and we foresee a strong future ahead as Pioneer Construction.

We welcome your insurance repair work, whether large or small. Contact us for any enquiries on the form below. Our experience in the Canterbury rebuild has given us an excellent understanding of how the insurance industry operates, and the extensive progress that has been made, as well as the growth still to come.

We have an excellent reputation for the completion of over 500 projects for the Earthquake Commission (EQC), Fletcher EQR and Vero. We are licensed building practitioners, so you can rest assured you are dealing with quality tradespeople.

Alongside our insurance repairs we also have experienced staff that can assess your damage and provide a detailed scope and costing to your insurance company to assist with your claim.